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How to Convert PASCAL VOC to YOLO Darknet Annotations without GitHub Code

This is a short and quick Tutorial Guide on how you can easily convert the PASCAL VOC format to YOLO Darknet format Annotations without the need of code.
Louis Klimek

1. Create Free NanoML Account

Before you can start converting annotations you have to create a NanoML Account which is completely free for your first 2,500 Images.

Sign Up



2. Create a New Dataset in the Dashboard

After you've created your account, click Create Dataset and give your dataset a name.


3. Upload your Data

Drag and drop your Pascal VOC images and annotations into the upload space to upload your data to NanoML.


4. Generate Dataset Version

After that, choose Preprocessing, Augmentation options, and a Split for your dataset version before clicking Generate, where you can then select Yolo Darknet as your output format.


5. Download new Dataset Version

After the generation process is completed, you will be able to directly download your new dataset as a .zip file, or you can choose to receive your dataset as a direct download link that you can use in your Jupyter Notebook or similar tool.


Congratulations, your dataset has been successfully converted from Pascal VOC .xml to Yolo Darknet .txt format!